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We represent taxpayers before the IRS, Department of Justice and state taxing authorities in all types of businesses.
Our tax lawyers specialize in defending individuals, businesses and business owners facing IRS investigations.
We work with different legal entities towards successfully settling complex and sophisticated tax problems.
Our Team has extensive experience handling IRS audits and federal tax litigation for clients in UK and US.
We help taxpayers and businesses with compliance issues related to offshore accounts, including Reporting, FBARs.
Bernstein Office tax attorneys local companies understand the tax liabilities and complicated issues that can result.

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Tax lawyers can help you learn about tax exemption trusts and all of the taxation laws associated with the inheritance of money, property, and possessions.


Bernstein clients get advised each year on tax exemptions, filing documentation, performing an audit or anything similar.


Bernstein Attorney Office is ranked among 10 best attorney offices in the London area and thus being consulted by every major financial client.

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“Our tax attorneys in London and Los Angeles help clients easily navigate challenging IRS and state tax problems and issues they face are handled promptly and efficiently."

“Our tax attorneys in London and Los Angeles help clients easily navigate challenging IRS and state tax problems and issues they face are handled promptly and efficiently."

Bruce Bernstein


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Attorneys, business leaders and judges highly respect our attorneys. We are the lawyers that other lawyers call when they need tax law help. Let our experience and reputation work for you.

Bruce Bernstein

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Bernstein Tax Attorneys are Experienced in Solving Your IRS Tax Issues

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With the help of our professional and caring tax attorneys, you don’t have to face the IRS alone. The IRS imposes penalties that can significantly impact your life and your business. With your financial stability and freedom at risk, you need honest and prompt tax representation to help mitigate the legal technicalities that accompany tax resolution and settlement processes.

Our IRS tax attorneys at Delia Law have extensive knowledge in federal tax laws and can provide you with personalized tax resolution options to suit your individual tax situation and financial circumstances. We strive to understand your needs and those of your business to ensure that the tax resolution option we help you choose is effective.


“Results, communication, value. That is how Bernstein Office beat my case and I couldn’t be happier with my choice in attorney.”

Phil Hansley
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The Federal Rail Safety Act (FRSA)
The Federal Rail Safety Act (FRSA)
Our team knows that how you win matters, and our success is driven by a personal approach to each client relationship. We begin with seeking to understand the whole portrait of impact, provide a tailored strategy that protects what matters to you, and then build the case that helps you re-build your life.
FELA: Benefits
FELA: Benefits
In the years since the passage of the FELA, the United States Supreme Court has gone to great lengths to emphasize the jury’s all-important role in FELA cases. The court has held that under the FELA, the right to trial by a jury is “part and parcel“ of the remedy.
FELA: Medical Treatment
FELA: Medical Treatment
Although the FELA is a negligence based statute, it is nevertheless “an avowed departure from the rules of the common law” and is designed to protect railroad workers who “are helpless to provide adequately for their own safety.”
FELA: Reporting Accidents and Handling Claims Agents
FELA: Reporting Accidents and Handling Claims Agents
In keeping with the humanitarian purpose of the Act, it is interpreted liberally to favor recovery by the injured employee.

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